Inspired by a Tibetan Yoga practice in which we work with the 6 Perfections (or Paramittas), this Yoga sequence is designed to connect with 6 Ethical Values.
I have created the Yoga & Ethics practice as a way to work within a frame more in line with our Western society.
Here, Yoga becomes a tool to profoundly experience some of the ethical values. It is when one connects with them, that life redefines itself as more complete and meaningful.
We do not practice only for ourselves, but for the World.

No previous Yoga experience is needed.

Please, bring your yoga mat.

Location: Atelier Minouschka, Herrsching. Email me for directions.
Time: Saturday 17.10.2015, 15:00 – 17:00
Price: 5 EUR.
Language: 90% Englisch, 10% German 😀
Registration: To register, please, send an email to:

A paper (in Spanish) related to this workshop presented at the I International Congress of Psychology and Humanistic Psychotherapies can be viewed here.

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