Munich and around, classes and retreats.

My Yoga practice started while I was at University, in 1996, and has never stopped.

During these 19 years, I have practiced in different traditions and have taken training in the directions that resonated in me.
Mainly, these are the schools where I have been trained: Sun and Moon Yoga (Leza Lowitz), Yin Yoga* (Paul Grilley & Sarah Powers) and Tibetan Heart Yoga**, the complete series (Yoga Studies Institute).

But, the true inspiration for my practice and the way I understand Yoga came to me during those magical 2 years I lived in Bhutan, that extraordinary little Kingdom in the Himalayas.

I like to see yoga as a tool that has to be made available to our unique nature. In my private classes, I see you as what you are: a unique individual with unique needs and aspirations. I then apply the yoga that matches you here and now.

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*YIN YOGA – Yin Yoga focuses on stretching the connective tissue that forms our joints. In order to do that, poses are held for long periods (3-5 min) making it a deeper practice. Since strengthening the muscles is not the main target, there is very little movement involved. Such a quiet practice invites inner exploration of body sensations and provides space to calm the mind. Yin Yoga was developed by Paul and Suzee Grilley based on Dr. Hiroshi Motoyama’s Meridian Theory.

**TIBETAN HEART YOGA – The Tibetan Heart Yoga system is rooted in a lineage started by Master Naropa, a yogi who lived around 1100 AD. This style is unique as it combines modern and ancient asanas (poses) and strong wisdom derived from the Yoga teachings of the Dalai Lamas of Tibet. In Tibetan Heart Yoga, the inner and outer methods are combined to create a powerful practice. We work from the inside with our thoughts and from the outside with our asana (poses) and pranayama (breathing). The intention with which we practice the asana is regarded as the most important element of the THY practice.